A Medication Therapy Management Program is a free service that Vodden Pharmacy offers to members who have a number of high-cost prescription drugs. Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care says if you are 3 or more chronic medications, you qualify and will benefit one-on-one interview between the pharmacist.You will be invited to participate in this program designed for your specific health and pharmacy needs. You may decide not to participate, but it is recommended that you take full advantage of this covered service if you qualify and are asked to participate. Interested in our program? Contact us today or call us at 905-451-5900

In Pharmacy Service

Vodden Pharmacy recognises the importance of privacy offers a consultation room where you can discuss your medication and health concerns.

Healthcare Team

Any concerns that are recognized will be shared with your physician and healthcare team.

Experienced Pharmacists

Will help you get the most out of your medications by ensuring that you are being prescribed the best medications for your condition(s) and help you understand the best way to take the medications for the desired results.

Patient Care is our top priority

Vodden pharmacy will also provide you with a list of your current medications to carry with you and share with your doctors during office visits, at Urgent Care, or at the hospital if you need to go there

Tip: Make sure you bring all your medications (which includes prescription, over the counter, natural/herbal, inhalers, creams/ointment, ear/eye drops etc.)