Compression stockings are often the first line of defense in treating varicose veins or in slowing their progress. Proper fit is essential.

The stockings are tighter at the ankle and looser as they progress up the leg. They promote circulation and help limit gravity’s downward pull. Daily wear is important — from the time you get out of bed until you retire at night.

How to apply compression stocking

  1. The stocking should be put on as soon as possible in the day.
  2. The legs must be dry.
  3. Sitting or lying down are the best positions to adopt when putting on compression stockings.
  4. The use of rubber gloves helps protect against tears and makes it easier to pull on.
  5. Use either the traditional way while massaging the leg or turn the stocking inside out to the heel portion of the stocking and insert your foot up to the heel, unrolling the stocking up progressively.