Mistakes made with medications at home are a leading cause of hospital admissions among the elderly.

Vodden Pharmacy is here to help, which is why we will conveniently organize all your medications into easy to use blister cards or compliance rolls. Our goal is to help eliminate medication errors and make your life easier and healthier in the process.

Taking your medications properly is important!

Remembering when and how to take your medications can be a challenging task – especially when you are taking many different prescription and non-prescription medicines. Taking your medications properly is essential for getting the full benefits of your medications, to avoid complications and side effects, and to improve your health and well-being.

The Vodden Pharmacy Advantage

  1. We carry a variety of pill organizers to help you organize your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements in weekly, multi-dose formats.
  2. Our blister packs can accommodate four dosage times each day and our perforated packaging makes it easy to separate doses, making travel easy!
  3. Its always tough to know when medications should not be taken together. With our compliance pack service, we ensure that incompatible medications are not taken together to reduce side effects and get the most out of your medications.
  4. We are able to add any over-the-counter medications you may be taking to your blister pack and offer complimentary delivery to ensure you never miss a dose!

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