Vodden Pharmacy offers a blood pressure monitoring service for its patients. It is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.  Recording your readings and taking them to your doctor’s office is a great way for the family doctor to monitor pressure changes that may occur between office visits.

Tips to take a good blood pressure reading

  1. Measure your blood pressure ONLY when you are relaxed. Do NOT measure your blood pressure if you are sick or stressed
  2. Measure your blood pressure after your bowels and bladder are emptied
  3. Wait two hours after eating a large meal before you take your blood pressure
  4. Wait 30 minutes after drinking caffeinated beverages and smoking before you take your blood pressure
  5. Take your blood pressure in the morning and evening before your blood pressure medications
  6. Sit in a chair that supports your back and sit beside a table that supports your arm
  7. Your arm should be positioned so the center of the cuff is at heart level
  8. Keep your feet flat on the floor
  9. The cuff should be placed against your skin and not a sleeve
  10. Rest for 5 minutes prior to taking a reading
  11. Take two readings approximately 1-2 minutes apart
  12. Record your readings