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Pharmacists play a vital role in seniors’ care

Pharmacists are integral members of the healthcare team and play a vital role in seniors’ care. They are readily accessible to offer advice and information about medications, monitor their use, and liaise with physicians and other healthcare providers to manage and improve drug therapy and enhance their patients’ quality of life.

At Vodden MD Pharmacy we provide caring service and are pleased to consult with senior clients on an individualized basis, answering all their medically related questions. As the years pass and our ages increase there is generally a greater need for medications.
More than a pharmacy, Vodden is a drug store offering a complete range of medications, personal and household items. We also provide a complete range of Home Health Care Products, Diabetic Supplies, and Mobility Aids.

Vodden MD pharmacy home care services include medication management, medication reviews, and medication reminders. For patients on specialty medications, our pharmacists are trained on the disease states that the drugs are intended to treat, and have facilities to manage, store and prepare specialty medications, which usually require special handling and/or preparation.

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