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Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking can decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease

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Compression Stocking

Compression stockings are often the first line of defense in treating varicose veins or in slowing their progress. Proper fit is essential. The stockings are tighter at the ankle and looser as they progress up the leg. They promote circulation and help limit gravity’s downward pull. Daily wear is important — from the time you … Continued

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Anticoagulation Management

Our patient-centered team of pharmacists can work under a medical directive from your physician to provide anticoagulation service (which includes both INR testing and warfarin dose management services). Advantage Avoid painful venous draws No more waiting in line at the lab No more waiting 2 days or more for your results Avoid unnecessary trips, testing … Continued

Vodden Pharmacy for Seniors

Diabetic Education

Take advantage of Vodden Pharmacy’s multi-leveled diabetes care program.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring: Is my medication working?